OK, so I woke up this morning, January 13, stepped out on the back stoop to let Roodi out and it was 61 degrees. Yeah, 61 at 6AM in January. WEIRD!!

Right now, 15 hours later or so, there’s about an inch of snow on the ground. The temp has been plummeting all day long. Current temperature, 30, tonight’s low, 17. From 61 – 17 in one day. INSANE!!

PLUS all the snow we had on the ground (10″ or so) is gone. Where did it go? Well, into the rivers of course! All those rivers are flooding…the snow melt along with the rain is too much for the rivers to handle. Lots of the little towns along the Portage river are sandbagging and pumping and it’s just a mess! Pemberville, Woodville, Elmore, etc… they’re all swamps!

Now, as you could imagine, the local news is eating this UP!! There was even a SPECIAL newscast tonight at 7. The 6:00 news just wasn’t enough to cover all the TERROR of this weather!! UGH… Granted, it’s weird, but it’s not worthy of wall-to-wall news coverage.