Well, I woke up this morning to 5 1/2 inches of new and completely unexpected snow!! I LOVE that!! It’s very pretty snow too, looks very light and fluffy…it’s re-whitened the landscape. Granted, it’s going to require some more shoveling, but it sure is pretty.

I don’t think the weather nazi’s got this one right at all. I went to bed thinking there could be a dusting of snow and maybe a little freezing rain this AM, but nothing like this. So, I think this is a good sign for a good weekend!

I’m going to get some groceries today…and I may try to talk Maryellen into going to the BG Hockey game tonight. It’s been a LONG time since we’ve been to a hockey game (probably because I don’t really like hockey).

Tomorrow, I’m playing my bass in an alumni athletic band for a BG basketball game. I have mixed feelings about that, I love playing, but sometimes it’s just more fun to be a fan only. I have what I believe will be a FANTASTIC outfit for the game though… so it should be special. 😉 I’ll take pictures…