Why is cold weather in December in Ohio the lead story on every news broadcast in the city? Come ON people!!! Yes, it was cold this morning (it was 3 degrees farenheit when I got up). Yes, it’s the first really cold day of the season. You know what though?? It gets cold EVERY SINGLE YEAR!! They do the same stupid stories every year (did you know you can get frostbite with just MINIMAL exposure to these temperatures?? AND you shouldn’t forget about your pets?!?!!?) they send the most junior reporter out into the sub-zero wind chill, and he/she report with rosy cheeks and a pink nose… The anchors always say “Get back in out of that cold

I am NOT looking forward to later this week when we’re forecast to have 6″ of snow… I’m sure they’re already preparing their alarmist reports!

On a completely unrelated note, there’s a bunch of new photos from the two family Christmases we’ve had thus far in the gallery. It will interest my family more than anyone else… but hey, you’re all welcome to peep them out.