Well, another Monday is upon us. It’s one of those “just don’t wanna do it again for another week” kind of Mondays so far, but I’m sure it’ll get better once I get to work. Right now, I’m just wishing I was more able to call in sick. (I’ve never been able to call in sick when I’m not sick… damn that conscious).

Finished up my Christmas shopping yesterday, well, with the exception of one more present we need to get for my mom. I even wrapped a couple of Maryellen’s gifts last night and put them under the tree. 🙂 Shopping yesterday was surprisingly enjoyable! I usually really hate it, but I went to Franklin Park Mall, and found the new parking structure they’ve built… I drove up to the top and parked RIGHT AT THE DOOR of Dillards. It was amazing. NO ONE was using this parking garage, instead they were driving around and around on the surface lots, getting mad… that just really started the shopping trip out right.

I went in, did my shopping, got myself a bite to eat, did some serious people watching and came home. It was really kinda fun!