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I’m getting a little ticked at people (other countries and the UN) turning the tsunami relief effort into a political thing. WHO CARES WHERE THE MONEY COMES FROM?!?! Get the money and aid to these people who despeately need it as fast as you can!! Apparently the UN is whining that the “Aid Coalition” led […]

Spruced up a little bit…

Well, I broke down and updated my templates. They look pretty generic, but hey, it’s fast, it’s “elegant” and I’ll tweak things as time goes by. Apparently my “noses” were scaring some readers. *sigh* Did I mention I ordered my Powerbook??? 😉

Well, that was different!

Well, my day changed pretty quickly when my boss called this AM and said we had a hard drive fail on our main SQL server. SOOOOOO, my day off was spent working at Glasstech. Joy. It was kind of satisfying b/c we popped a new HD in, restored the data and the registry from tape […]

Hum de dum

It’s 5AM on a Tuesday morning when I don’t have to go to work. I’ve been up for over an hour. Just can’t sleep. Not good. I don’t have a lot to say, but felt compelled to do something “productive” with my time this AM. Christmas was good, if a little different. Maryellen and I […]

Guess what??

It snowed!


South and East of Toledo: Accumulating snow is already falling and will continue overnight. Total accumulations will range from 8″ to as much as 18″. This is a very dangerous storm. Please plan travel carefully and be sure to check on friends and relatives, especially the elderly as this storm progresses. Will someone PLEASE check […]

Weather Nazis

Why is cold weather in December in Ohio the lead story on every news broadcast in the city? Come ON people!!! Yes, it was cold this morning (it was 3 degrees farenheit when I got up). Yes, it’s the first really cold day of the season. You know what though?? It gets cold EVERY SINGLE […]

Another Monday

Well, another Monday is upon us. It’s one of those “just don’t wanna do it again for another week” kind of Mondays so far, but I’m sure it’ll get better once I get to work. Right now, I’m just wishing I was more able to call in sick. (I’ve never been able to call in […]

Hey Laurie!!!

You don’t seem to be getting my emails. Just give me a call on the cell, would you please?!?!?

I’m on NO sleep!

Good lord. I’ve been fighting this cold for going on a week now and thought I was feeling better as of Saturday. We ended up going to the Tuckerman Family Christmas in Archbold on Saturday and I’ve felt crappy again since! Last night I could NOT sleep. I ended up coming down to the couch […]

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