I took Friday off and spent the weekend in Chicago!! Went with Andrew and saw a BGSU Basketball game. A good time was had by all. The Falcons lost at DePaul, but they showed some promise, so it wasn’t all bad.

Yummy Pizza!!!!

Had some great food, saw lots of great things, and saw an INCREDIBLE show at Second City!

Let me tell ya, if you get the chance to visit the Second City, do it! Lots of great talent has come through the Second City “system” and if the Friday night show was any indication, that pipeline is alive and well!! We actually saw the show on the ETC Stage.

I took quite a few photos, I’ll get them uploaded in the next day or so.

Back to the grind for a new week. A short week, but a week none-the-less.

BIG football game on Tuesday. The annual BG/UT game. It’s at Toledo’s Glassbowl this year. The game will be on ESPN2…tune in for two of the nation’s best unheralded young quarterbacks in Bruce Gradkowski and Omar Jacobs. (Watch for Omar on the Heisman watch lists for the next 2 years!!)