Well, Saturday is the start of the BGSU Football season. Last year the team finished up the year ranked in the top 25. This year, they get a test right off the bat. Playing #2 Oklahoma in Oklahoma. (Most of you reading this can get the game on ABC regional coverage. In Toledo, OUR ABC affiliate opted to go with the OSU game (gee…there’s a surprise) but our FOX affiliate picked it up. The program director of Fox36 is a BGSU Grad and she was excited to be able to bring the game to NW Ohio!

Anyhow…predictions? I’ve made a prediction for the game and shared it with one person, but I think I’ll put it here just to have it on record. Not THAT many people read this anyhow that I’ll have to take a LOT of crap if I’m wrong.

BG returns 18 out of 22 starters… Oklahoma is…well, Oklahoma is one of the strongest programs in the HISTORY of NCAA football. They return last year’s Heisman Trophy winner at quarterback, for-God’s-Sake! Still, if BG can protect their “rookie” quarterback for the first couple series, keep him off his butt until he gets a little confidence and feels his groove, I think it’ll be ok.

My heart tells me this:
BG – 40
OK – 30

Will that happen, I really don’t know, that’s why they play the game. Vegas has BG as 32 point underdogs. If I were a betting man, I’d take that in a second… Even if we get smoked, it won’t be by 32 points.

Anyhow…tune in if you can and root for the Falcons!!