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Awwwwww Yeahhhhh! Gotta love the Big G Express!!

Banned Books

Here’s a good entry by Jon Williams on his blog, The Barbaric Yawp (yes, Mup…I meant to email you this guy’s url after reading your DPS entry the other day…): Free People Read Freely I encourage and challenge you all to go out and read at LEAST one of these 100 most challenged books this […]

Tune in!!

Tonight on ESPN2… BGSU Vs. Northern Illinois!! This was THE big matchup in the MAC last year when ESPN Gameday came to the campus of BGSU and BG knocked off the 22nd ranked Huskies! The rematch is in DeKalb this season. 7PM EST…be there!

Guess I picked the wrong day to give up the Internet

Well, today was a bad day for the ‘net. I woke up this AM and my mail server was down and had apparently been down since about 2AM. I opened a ticket and they finally had things back up and running at about 2PM. 12 hours of down time is hard when it comes to […]

Game, blouses!

Oh my GOD! I just saw the funniest sketch on Chapelle’s show for about the 4th time I think. It’s where Charlie Murphy (Eddie’s older brother) tells the story of meeting Prince in the 80’s and playing basketball with The Revolution. Charlie asks Prince for a towel at one point in the game because he’s […]

Race for the Cure

We did the Race for the Cure again this year. It was a pretty nice morning for the run. 12,500 people ran or walked it this year I guess, up from about 10,000 last year. It’s always a pretty moving event. They have all the survivors wear a pink shirt…there were lots of pink shirts. […]

An article…

I wrote an article for my site. I think it’s worth reading, but rather than re-post, I’ll just link to it. Check it out…

To an Athlete Dying Young…

Today, an 18 year old young man died on his first day of football practice as a walk-on at BGSU. Aaron Robertson was from Sandusky Perkins High School where he was one of the top athletes in the state of Ohio. He dominated in basketball, football and went to state in track in 4 separate […]


I ran tonight and then upon my return home, I did my customary cool-down-in-the-back-yard-with-a-glass-of-water-and-some-almonds and I got CHOMPED by mosquitos. I counted 8 on me biting at once. Ridiculous! The thing about it is, if I had been out there with a dozen people, I’d have been the only one getting bitten. Mosquitos LOVE me. […]

A decade…

I married Maryellen Lee 10 years ago today. 🙂 I love her more now than I ever thought possible. It hasn’t been without its struggles, but every struggle has been worth it and I wouldn’t change a thing!! I love you Maryellen!!

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