Alright, most of you know I’m pretty conservative on most issues. Economics is one that I’m a firm believer in conservativism and the Republican beliefs. Gun control, abortion, and several others, I lean more towards the left….but this is about the almighty dollar.

I think I need to create the GCEI and let the world know about it. The Grant Cummings Economic Index. John Kerry and the Dems say that the economy is still in the tank after the tax-and-spend mis-management of 8 years of William Jefferson Clinton. What economy are they looking at??

In my world at least, (and in all honesty, does anyone REALLY care about the economy of any world other than their own??) the economy is booming! I’ve got the best job I’ve ever had. The company I work for has a TON of work right now, we’re hiring people left and right! Granted, we’re a global company, but we’re a manufacturing company. One of the most succeptible industries in a poor economy.

Maryellen has the ability to work extra if she wants. Granted, health care is a necessity in ANY economy, but it’s MY economic world I’m talking about here.

One of the other indicators that I’ve really noticed this year is the RVI. Yes, the recreational vehicile index. I took a short trip into Toledo today on the turnpike. It’s a 15 mile sprint on the TP, and over the course of those 15 minutes or so, I saw no less than a dozen $100,000 RV’s and at least half of them were towing SUV’s of $35,000 or more. Now, what economy are these people participating in?? These people are cruising around in rigs that cost twice what I paid for my house.

Anyhow…I went “shopping” at Best Buy, Barnes and Noble, and the Anderson’s today…every single store was PACKED with people spending money. ::shrug:: These are all factors in the Grant Cummings Economic Indicator and I believe the economy to be strong.

On a completely unrelated note, here’s the greatest website I’ve found in the past 24 hours.