Well the Diana Krall concert was great last night!! I didn’t know a whole lot about her personally, but always loved her voice and her choice of songs. Last night though, she really impressed me as someone who I’d enjoy hanging out with. Someone in the crowd yelled something at her…like a song they wanted her to sing and she said “No, ya idjit.” Then she said “No offense, just my own little tribute to Yosimite Sam” and THEN she played the little piano ditty that the Road Runner could never play right when Wyle E. Coyote had the piano wired up with dynamite to explode. I believe exactly 2 people in the audience got the reference. Maryellen and I cracked up. Diana kind of looked disappointed and then said VERY sarcasticly “Gee…hip crowd.” LOL She was AWESOME! The guy next to me sneezed and she said “Bless you.”

She looked fantastic! Blue jeans and a billowy floral blouse with big open arms. Her hair was longer and more layered than on the “Live in Paris” dvd. And she sounded INCREDIBLE!!

I’ve read, in the liner notes of one of her CD’s I believe, that she started out being a pianist and didn’t like her own voice until her piano teacher convinced her to sing. Last night, it was pretty obvious that she’s a piano player first! She opened up with an instrumental jam that was amazing. Time changes all over the place and she just rocked it! Her little combo was really good too. Bass, guitar, drums and her. My only regret is that the venue was a little too big for a concert like this. I’d have much rather it was in a little more intimate setting.

The opening band was a nice surprise too! Ollabelle played half a dozen songs of folk inspired and early American music. They were pretty similar to a band like Allison Kraus and Union Station.