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Anyone want a gmail account?? I’ve got a dozen invites at my disposal. Email me if you’d like one.

Leading Economic Indicators…

Alright, most of you know I’m pretty conservative on most issues. Economics is one that I’m a firm believer in conservativism and the Republican beliefs. Gun control, abortion, and several others, I lean more towards the left….but this is about the almighty dollar. I think I need to create the GCEI and let the world […]

Well, this caught me off guard.

Laura Branigan is dead. I know…not Earth-shattering, but surprising none-the-less. I think my fondest Laura Branigan moment was a roller skating scene featuring her on CHiPs!

That was fun!!

Well the Diana Krall concert was great last night!! I didn’t know a whole lot about her personally, but always loved her voice and her choice of songs. Last night though, she really impressed me as someone who I’d enjoy hanging out with. Someone in the crowd yelled something at her…like a song they wanted […]


Tonight we’re going to see Diana Krall at the Stranahan in Toledo. I can’t wait!! I got really good seats by being a member of her email mailing list. The reserved the first 15 rows for members or something like that, so we’ll be in row 12. I’m thinking once the weather starts to get […]


More pictures as I try to get caught back up with life after a week away. Geez, vacations are great, but when you return, EVERYTHING is backed up!

Portland Trip Pictures

Well, we’re back from a GREAT trip! I’ll write more about it later, but for now, there are pictures up now in my gallery. Check them out!