Haven’t been surfing much or writing much…so, I haven’t updated this in a while.

Let’s see, we went to Cedar Point the other week and had an absolutely GREAT time! Perfect weather, the rides were fun, lines were short, and people watching prime! We’re actually going back on Wednesday. My cousin Lindsay will be here, so we’re going to go with her. 🙂

Moss will be home tomorrow and for the weekend. It’ll be good to hang out with him some. Nothing like a conservative and a liberal getting together to chat over some beers. 😉

My car was in the shop for a little while. Clunking noise on the driver’s side. Turns out the rear door was out of adjustment, but it took them forever to figure that out, so I had the pleasure of driving a Passat Wagon for a night. LOL

One month from now, we’ll be in Portland, Oregon. OH…and that’s what’s exciting; while there, Maryellen and I will be running in the Run Hit Wonders race! Could there be a better event for a couple of 80’s loving runners?!??!