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We’re flying out to Portland, Oregon tomorrow. Can’t wait! I believe it’s my first vacation longer than a 3 day weekend in 7 years. Isn’t that ridiculous? Portland, Cannon Beach, Hood River and Mt. St. Helen’s. Should be an awesome trip!! If I have internet access, I’ll try to post something as the week progresses…if […]

So long, old friend…

Well, after 10+ years, I am no longer the owner of a purple 1994 Chevy S-10. It served me well for over 174,000 miles. It was the first “big ticket” item I ever bought on my own. I has taken me all over the Midwest and has been the forum for many interesting discussions, much […]


Well, it was 5 years ago yesterday (I wanted to post, but a power surge through Elmore’s archaic power-grid ate my router yesterday) that Maryellen woke up unable to see out of her right eye. After a trip to the ER and a few more doctor appointments the following couple of days, we learned that […] V2.0

Just launched the newest version of Check it out if you’re interested.


Went to a Mudhens game last night. It was pretty fun! Here are some pics from the evening. The two guys singing the National Anthem are from Woodmore, my Alma Mater!

This story needs no editorial comment….

This story needs no editorial comment….

Moss’ Trip to Ohio

Moss just posted the pics from his trip to Ohio over the 4th of July. They’re worth spending some time looking through, especially if you know Moss, enjoy fireworks, or just like pictures, there are some good ones there!


Like Terraserver?? Like databases?? Here’s a little info on Terraserver’s DB schema and how they run their server cluster. If you’re not into that kind of stuff, don’t waste your time. I think it’s pretty cool though. That’s our house on Terraserver, although before we owned it. The pool that you can see in the […]

Just a couple of things

First of all, I’m still kind of disgusted with the fact that the media has completely forgotten about our rovers on Mars. These things were designed to have 90-sol (Mars “days”) missions…well Spirit just passed its 180th sol and Opportunity is at 160 sols. These amazing engineering accomplishments are almost completely ignored by the media. […]

The LoveFest…. Too funny!!

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