Had an amazing evening of jazz last night. Got home, picked up Maryellen and we went to have dinner in BG at El Camino Real…awesome food! Then we went over to the music building on campus for the concert. This is the 14th year I’ve attended the BGSU Faculty Jazz ensemble concert on Wednesday night of jazz week. I first wandered over as a sophomore in college and have been hooked since.

This year they had a special guest. Blue Lou Marini, who, if you’ve seen the Bluse Brothers, you’ve seen. He’s an AMAZING sax player. He played tenor and soprano last night and was just hot. The other real treat was an octagenarian vibraphone player who looked so feeble and like he was going to fall over when he wasn’t playing…but really got hot when he played.

It was truly one of the best nights of music I’ve ever been a part of. Plus I got to give Blue Lou a copy of a photo I took of him, his dad, his uncle and his brother from back in October. He was very gracious and seemed to really like the photo!