So…here’s the deal. I told you we were getting our little driveway area paved with concrete. Well, the people that are doing it called on Thursday and said, “Hey, we’ve got some time tomorrow, can we come break up the chunk of concrete that’s in there now and leave it smoothed out with just gravel and sand until we can pour the concrete? We’ll have it all done by noon.” I said sure…why not. SO…the guy showed up at about the same time I was leaving to go to work on Friday AM. He had one of those little bobcat bulldozer things and a trailer.

Well, I get an email from Maryellen at about 9 when she got up saying that the bobcat was there, the trailer was there full of busted up concrete, and everything was blocking her car in the garage, but there was no one there. Sooooooo… I told her maybe the guy went to lunch or for coffee or something. She emailed me back at 2 and said nothing had changed. Hmmmmmmmm….

Then at about 4 she called me and said there was a lady out there who pulled up and crawled into the bobcat thing…then just left again. So I called the couple, got no answer and had to leave a message. No one had called us with a status update, and Maryellen’s car was trapped in the garage.

I got home, nothing had changed, so I called them again and left a message…not nasty, but I wanted to make sure they knew that Maryellen had to work on Saturday and needed to be able to get out of the garage. We then went to the local high school production of Fiddler on the Roof and then went over to Genoa and bought a few groceries.

We got home at about 11:30 or so and the the woman and some other guy were in back unloading all the concrete off the trailer. Apparently the guy who had been there in the AM (the woman’s husband) hurt himself on the job and was in the hospital. SO she was stuck b/c she didn’t know how to drive the bobcat. Apparently she got this other guy to help out, but they couldn’t get the trailer out with all the busted up concrete on it because our neighbor had parked poorly and kind of blocked the route in alley. SO…I changed and helped them unload about 4 tons of broken up concrete off of their trailer back into our driveway at midnight in the cold and dark. Then they loaded the bobcat back up on the trailer and left.

THEN…today she called and said her husband is OUT of the hospital now and they’re going to come first thing tomorrow and finish what they started and hopefully then be able to pour the concrete one evening this week.

I had to go out there today and smooth out the gravel and move a couple big chunks of concrete out of the way just so I could get Maryellen’s car out of the garage.

I guess it’ll all be worth it…but it sure isn’t going as planned at this point.