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So much going on…so little time lately. I’ve been helping my grandma (87 years old) buy a new car. I think she’s going to get a little 2000 Ford Escort. She’s been driving an 86 Chevy S-10 pickup…it’s a 5 speed and she just needs something better. Today is the 3 year anniversary of my […]

From the top.

I just realized there’s no link to browse from the beginning and read all the way through. Not sure why anyone but me would want to, but I’ll make it available anyhow. Click here to hit the first post and start wading through the minutia.

MS Walk

Thanks to everyone who supported us in the MS Walk this season. It was a beautiful morning for the walk and our t-shirts and hats were a big hit. In the picture below, the men are Ravi, myself and Pete Thompson, and in front the ladies are Dorie, Maryellen (Mellen), and Meegan Thompson. As a […]


The driveway is done. I’ve got some pictures, but will post them later. I’m pretty pumped. The area is WAY bigger than it seemed prior to paving. I think it’ll make a super basketball court! Played my trumpet for Easter Sunday service. The solo piece with choir went REALLY well, and the quartet piece with […]

Blue Lou

Had an amazing evening of jazz last night. Got home, picked up Maryellen and we went to have dinner in BG at El Camino Real…awesome food! Then we went over to the music building on campus for the concert. This is the 14th year I’ve attended the BGSU Faculty Jazz ensemble concert on Wednesday night […]

Brought to you by the letter G

Everyone needs to watch the Sesame Street 35th Anniversary Special airing from 8-9PM this Sunday, April 4, on PBS stations nationwide. You know, I don’t thing Guy Smiley has aged a day in the past 35 years!! 😉 I understand Norah Jones will be a guest singing “Don’t know ‘Y’.” Yes, really! Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere fishy fishy […]

Driveway saga…

So…here’s the deal. I told you we were getting our little driveway area paved with concrete. Well, the people that are doing it called on Thursday and said, “Hey, we’ve got some time tomorrow, can we come break up the chunk of concrete that’s in there now and leave it smoothed out with just gravel […]