You know, I just really haven’t had a lot to say lately.

Had lunch with Eddo and Alan Y today. They’re getting ready to move to Boston.

I’m playing trumpet for two songs with the choir for Easter Sunday service. Apparently last year was such a big hit, they decided we need to double the fun. One song is a quartet (two trumpets and two trombones) while the other is just me and the choir.

I’m kind of pumped because we’re getting our drive-way/parking lot paved with concrete! It’s been crushed rock since we’ve owned the house and it’s just settled and it’s gotten muddy and crappy…blech. We track crud into the house and into the car… it’s going to be nice to have it all cleaned up and paved. Plus I can put up a backboard and rim! 🙂

OH…and we’ve started an investment club. COOL! So far there are 5 of us (Me, Ravi, Paul, Mike and Chris). Right now we’re called Duke and Duke. If you don’t know why we’d name an investment club “Duke and Duke” then you disappoint me.

I guess I had more to write about than I originally thought.