I had a professor in college that I really liked and I found out that he was a pretty well-respected poet. After reading some of his stuff, I really started to like it and asked him to be my advisor for my sr. thesis. He’s a great guy and just an awesome character. Dr. Howard McCord’s official website is at http://www.possibilityx.com/hm/main.htm. Check it out!

Here’s my favorite poem of his…and my favorite poem…period!

Nihil est ab omni
Parte beatum
      Horace, ODES, xvi, 27

I think about you
just as often
as I can remember
your name.

One of these days
I will get enough
to drink that
I will feel better,
not so ass-dragging sad
and cut up

and then your face
will come back.

Old friend.