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Tunak, baby…TUNAK!!

Greatest use of flash…EVER!!!

Not much

You know, I just really haven’t had a lot to say lately. Had lunch with Eddo and Alan Y today. They’re getting ready to move to Boston. I’m playing trumpet for two songs with the choir for Easter Sunday service. Apparently last year was such a big hit, they decided we need to double the […]

Nihil est ab omni parte beatum

A number of people have asked me for a translation of that phrase since putting it up the other day. Well I DID take 6 years of Latin. (although I only did about 2 years worth of work) 😉 Literally, it says “Nothing is from every portion happy (or blessed).” Obviously, good translations are taken […]

My favorite poem

I had a professor in college that I really liked and I found out that he was a pretty well-respected poet. After reading some of his stuff, I really started to like it and asked him to be my advisor for my sr. thesis. He’s a great guy and just an awesome character. Dr. Howard […]

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Make your picks, free of charge, win and get a lovely prize.

MS Walk

Here’s what I posted on I know a lot of people who come to this site DON’T go to that site, so please excuse the cross-posting, but here’s the deal… It’s that time of year again everyone! April 18, I will be participating in the National MS Society’s MS Walk. Last year you all […]

Growing Up

Today I turn 34 years old. Happy birthday to Eddo and Jeff G too!


So, let’s pretend that Grant actually needs 3 cars….. The new VW Golf R32… I want!!