Well, today was my second fill-up of my new car, which means it was my first mileage calculation. For my first tank of diesel I got 40.66 MPG. Not bad at all for the break in period!! I’ve made up a little Excel spreadsheet to track things like MPG, total fuel costs/mile and other geeky things like that. There’s also a pretty cool service I found online that will do it for you at Web-Cars.com. Did I mention how wonderful heated seats are?!?!?! Today I used my mirror defrosters too. hehehehe…cool!

Oooooooooh. I just found this too at SourceForge. I think I’ll set this up somewhere and test it out!

I was reading Tuel’s blog today and while my heart broke for her, I remembered (who knows why) a name from our past. We (Kris and I) were doing level 2 support, level 3 support…whatever. We were taking escalations and getting some direct calls from our hosting customers for the former GlassCity Internet. We had a pretty cool phone system that had callerID that popped up on your screen. It was pretty ahead-of-its-time really (but I digress). Anywho…Kris and I had some repeat offenders that we kind of dreaded. One was a very foriegn lady we only knew as JJ. (Zhay-Zhay) She was SO hard to understand and always called frazzled. Well, I think she usually showed up as unlisted or something, but one day her last name actually came across on caller ID, and I’ve never forgotten it. It was JJ Phabungmatrawara. That’s right, Phabungmatrawara. Anyhow…I think I took a screen shot of that, and tiled it as my work wallpaper for a while. I shot Kris an email today reminding her of our friend JJ…

What other wonderful people did we support?? I remember Quaint Antiques (LOL…nice website now), her name was Rachel. God…Rachel would call/page us before our WhatsUP server would!!

There was also the woman who ran the collectible/crap shop in Franklin Park. She sold things like blown glass miniature elephants and other crap. I can’t think of her name though. KLT, can you help me out?

Anyone else have any good tech support memories? One of my favorite was when I went to lunch one day, came back and Todd Krabach had taken over my desk/cube. Nice.