Well, it looks like I’ll get my new car tomorrow, or Thursday at the latest!! I actually found one just like the one I ordered at a dealer up in Detroit. I let my dealership here in NW Ohio know about it and they called up there, did a swap and will sell it to me in lieu of the order I placed. WOO HOO!! I’m kinda pumped about that, to say the least.

We’re coming up on the 1 year anniversary of Maryellen’s dad’s death. It’s stirring up lots of emotions from what we all went through last year at this time and just memories from Maryellen’s past. Kinda melancholy times.

I’m doing a little side job tomorrow night for a few bucks. That’s cool! Then I have another one lined up for this weekend. Making a little jack on the side is always great! Plus, hopefully I can help these people/companies out for a rate a bit better than what they’d pay for a “consultant” to come out…and still do a good job for them.

I have been having trouble sleeping of late. It’s always the same too, I go to bed, fall right asleep and then wake up and am unable to get back to sleep. It sucks. Sunday I slept about 3 hours I think…and last night I got maybe 1.5 or 2. So…needless to say, I was a little sleepy today. Hopefully tonight I’ll just be dead to the world for the whole night!