OLATHE, Kan. – A man who came to a court hearing wearing a bumblebee costume — to protest what he called a “sting” operation by prosecutors — left a judge buzzing.

Conrad J. Braun, 54, was in Johnson County District Court on Friday to hear a judge rule whether a blackmail case filed against him last summer should go to trial.

District Judge John Anderson III was not amused by Braun’s getup, which included yellow stripes, cloth wings and a foot-long stinger.

Anderson told Braun that although there is no rule prohibiting the wearing of such a suit in court, the judge has a duty to uphold court decorum.

Braun assured the judge that he meant no contempt to the court and promised he would not do it again.

This is my friend Jason at the BGSU V. Northern Illinois game this year trying to get on ESPN GameDay.