We got about 4 inches of the lightest, fluffiest snow EVER yesterday. Made the drive home from work a little treacherous, but I made it. The joys of having an overpowered light 2WD pickup truck w/no weight in the back. Mmmmmmmmmmmm….fishtails!

Shoveled the snow this AM, it really could have been just puffed away with a leaf blower, but I don’t have a leaf blower so I shoveled it. Very pretty morning, sunny, bright, about 10 degrees. Nice! Ran to the bank b/c I found a check in the pocket of the pullover I put on this AM. Kind of funny. It was an expense check from work. Then went to the post office and stopped at Red, White and Brew and got a mocha caramel for me and a hot chocolate for Maryellen.

We’re going out with Brandon and Cheryl tonight. Probably going to go to the new “Asian Bistro” on Monroe St. I believe it’s called Stixx or something like that. Tomorrow we will probabaly see if mom wants to go along to the Cabela’s store in Dundee, Mi. We stopped there the other night after spending some time in Ann Arbor, we only got to spend about 15 minutes though b/c it was closing time. Not like we hunt or fish or anything, but it’s still a cool store!

Oh, my friend Andrew, who just turned 19 on Thursday, transferred back to BGSU!! The really cool thing is that he’s living in Haven House apartments, which is where I lived. They told him that next year they already had his current apartment leased, but apartment #12 was available. I lived in apartment 12 for 2 years!!! How freaking weird!?!??! I stopped in and saw his place last weekend. Very nice. He’s got it all decked out in BGSU sports stuff. Definiately a good man!