I left work early yesterday for a doctor’s appointment, then got picked up by a couple of guys from the AZZ site and headed to Akron for a basketball game. It was a fun trip! The guys I went with were fun (Andrew and Brian) and BG won. Except for the weather, it was just a great trip. We took Bri’s 4runner b/c of it’s 4WD abilities and I think we’re pretty glad we did.

I finally got home last night at about 1AM and the dog was WACKO!! So I let him out to play in the snow and he just ran around and around and around. You have to know my dog to understand this and laugh at it, but it’s just so funny to see him get into his running mode.

Maryellen works tonight, so I’ll probably just come home and crash since I didn’t get more than 4 hours of sleep last night. That’s cool though. I do ok on 4 hours usually. Got a full weekend coming up though, so I have to get rested up for the festivities.