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Buzz Buzz Buzz

OLATHE, Kan. – A man who came to a court hearing wearing a bumblebee costume — to protest what he called a “sting” operation by prosecutors — left a judge buzzing. Conrad J. Braun, 54, was in Johnson County District Court on Friday to hear a judge rule whether a blackmail case filed against him […]

Cold, light and fluffy

We got about 4 inches of the lightest, fluffiest snow EVER yesterday. Made the drive home from work a little treacherous, but I made it. The joys of having an overpowered light 2WD pickup truck w/no weight in the back. Mmmmmmmmmmmm….fishtails! Shoveled the snow this AM, it really could have been just puffed away with […]

Parsident Boooosh

George W. Bush will be about a mile from me tomorrow. I’m sure THAT won’t cause any traffic problems. Nooooooooooooooooooo…


I left work early yesterday for a doctor’s appointment, then got picked up by a couple of guys from the AZZ site and headed to Akron for a basketball game. It was a fun trip! The guys I went with were fun (Andrew and Brian) and BG won. Except for the weather, it was just […]


Here’s a couple of yummy stories from the BBC Online: Cannibal victim never told lover… Woman survives losing her skin… I read the BBC website every night before bed…I’m starting to wonder why.

I don’t like Mondays

Well, the day is almost over. Work sucked, then I got home and it pretty much sucked here too. Maryellen worked 2 in a row so tonight she was pretty much unconscious all evening. So that means I’m bored and kinda lonely AND that I have to be quiet. LOL… Oh well… My tummy hurts […]


Seems like there’s no time to update this thing anymore. I’m not sure where it’s all going. Work has been VERY busy for me for the past week or so. That’s a good thing though. The ladies in accounting get on my nerves a bit, but hey, that’s OK. (THAT’S A JOKE, OK?!?!?!) Meegan and […]

2003 ==> 2004

No resolutions this year. I don’t usually make them. In fact, I really don’t care for the whole “New Year’s” celebration, but it DOES make a good excuse to look back at the year past and categorize good and bad things that may have happened. We lost Maryellen’s dad in 2003, that sucked. Plus all […]