I heard this read on the radio today. For the full text, check out www.michaelgraham.com

This is just the last few paragraphs:
It is as precious as a baby, wrapped in swaddling clothes, and lying in a manger. It is as painful as a flesh-torn hand and a thorn-crowned head. It is the reason for both.

And if every Santa song and earnest prayer, every sincere gift and imagined wrong, every Christmas dinner and New Year’s toast, every unanswered invitation and unwelcome guest, every office party kiss and happy child’s hug — if every human moment of the entire holiday season could be stripped of its tinsel and pretense and price tag and reduced to its truest essence, we would find it there, the only gift ever given at Christmas, the same gift, passed from hand to hand.

It is hope.

It is Christmas.
Merry Christmas everyone! No matter your religion, may the spirit of Christmas Hope find its way into your heart this holiday season.