Well, my car is officially ordered now. I got a 2004 Golf GLS TDI as I had mentioned earlier. I went with “Tornado Red” with a gray interior. Should be pretty sweet!! Can’t wait to start getting 50 MPG!! If you’re interested in the TDI engine or the claims of mileage, check out www.tdiclub.com for the best info there is about this amazing engine! Oh…it’s expected to run for WELL over 250,000 miles too! Looks like I’ll have another car I can keep for 10 years! They still say it could be 12 weeks before I get the car though. 🙁 Sheesh… Maybe it’ll show up on my birthday on 3/6. That would be pretty sweet.

Speaking of 10 years, I’m not 100% sure, but I think I graduated from BGSU 10 years ago today. I mean, I’m sure I graduated, but I’m not sure of the date. It was a December grad though, and I think it was right about now. I think it was the 20th. I suppose I could look at my diploma, but I’m not that interested in finding out I guess.