Haven’t updated much lately. Things have been kind of slow lately. The football game last week was a rude awakening. Miami is a top 10 team and they have the best QB in the nation. He has proved it over and over again. Their one loss to Iowa was a fluke, or they’d be playing in a BCS bowl. The whole BCS thing is a sham this year though.

Most of my Christmas shopping is done. Just a few little things to get for Maryellen still, but the big stuff is done.

Went over to Nora’s last night for a little while, dropping of the mellophone I borrowed from the school and the present she got for her boyfriend. I had planned on just dropping by, but ended up staying for quite a while. It never ceases to amaze me how much I have in common with this young lady. Yeah…just like me, she’s awesome! LOL Today I will scan in a page or two from my HS chemistry notebook and compare it with the notes she’s taking right now. Yes…Mr. Markley is still teaching. I’m betting that apart from the little dialogues I had with Ravi on my notebook margins, our notes will be the same.

Work has been good. Glasstech is in 2 big warehouses. The one I’m in has a portion of it (maybe a third of it or so) converted into offices, but it’s COLD in the winter time. Everyone has little space heaters in their offices. Brrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Something is wrong with the antenna system in my truck. My XM radio doesn’t get a signal in my truck, when I bring it home and plug it in, it’s fine. It’s been too cold to mess with the antenna and cableing, but maybe I’ll park it in the garage tonight and check things out while M’s at work.