Well, today my dad would have been 60 years old. It’s funny, when things happen, I still want to call him up and get his take on them. We weren’t always in agreement on things, he was VERY conservative, but he always had a reason for thinking the way he thought and was very good at explaining himself. Since he’s been gone so much has happened that I’d like to hear his opinion on. 9/11, the war against terrorism, Rush Limbaugh admitting he’s a drug addict, and countless other things that would have got him writing letters to the editor of the Blade. 🙂

If you’re a charitable person, I ask that you consider making a donation to the V Foundation for Cancer Research. It’s become my cancer charity b/c it’s money for research, searching for a cure, and it’s very well managed.

So, happy birthday dad, you’re loved and missed.