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Happy Thanksgiving!!! Don’t forget to tune into ESPN Saturday at noon for the BG/UT game!

This is what it’s all about!!

This is a great article about the college football experience in general and BGSU in particular. It’s really a good read. If you like college football at all, check it out! Karl, the author, is a member of my site.

A sign I’m getting older…

Annoyingly long eyebrow hairs….

Happy Birthday Dad

Well, today my dad would have been 60 years old. It’s funny, when things happen, I still want to call him up and get his take on them. We weren’t always in agreement on things, he was VERY conservative, but he always had a reason for thinking the way he thought and was very good […]


The word of the day is sputum: expectorated matter made up of saliva and often discharges from the respiratory passages. Thank you.

Interesting article

If you’re anti Microsoft, or pro Google (I’m a HUGE Google fan) this article is worth a read. Not sure I completely believe or agree with it, but it’s an interesting POV, to be sure.


I have no voice!


Man am I tired!! I’ve been fighting a bit of something the past few days and last night it was at the point where it wouldn’t let me sleep, so I got up and watched movies all night. Only got a couple hours of sleep, so I’m pretty much pooped!! Lots of pretty cool things […]

…and burn!

Well, here’s what happened with my little webserver that this site resides upon. About 2 weeks ago, the site went down. Not sure why exactly, but when I got upstairs to check on it, it had rebooted and was sitting at “freeing unused kernel memory: 224k freed.” Hmmmmmmm…this is not a good thing. I powered […]

Look UP!

This is outside right now…pretty awesome!!

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