Wow…well, I didn’t get to update things yesterday like I had planned, but that was because I was having such an incredible day!!

I got to BG at about 8:30 and set up the truck for tailgating. After that, Goodson and I made our way over to the ESPN College Football Gameday set. Checked things out, and then headed back to the truck for a couple of morning refreshments. We made our way back to GameDay for the actual show and it was incredible!! Banners and posters and signs everywhere! The crowd was rowdy and wild…it was just so awesome!! On our way over there, Coach Dakich was driving in for a flag football game with his son. He stopped and told me not to get arrested. LOL

After Gameday was over (with the banner in full force), we made our way back to the tailgate party and had some good eats! Brats and the best Lake Erie perch I think I’ve ever had!! It was SOOOOOOOOOO good! Had a few more beers and met up with Saradhi who surprised me by being there. Finally it was game time so we made our way to the stadium.

The Doyt was packed! A complete sell-out with over 31,000 people in attendance. The crowd was electric, you could just tell something big was going to happen. BG came in and just kicked some serious ASS!! Josh Harris is, without ANY doubt, one of the top 4 or 5 quarterbacks in college football. It’s impossible to argue this. That’s all. The end. I’m right. He threw for 438 yards and rushed for another 89!! Come on!! This was against one of the top rated defenses in the MAC. He was completely insane!! There’s a great article on ESPN.COM about the fact that he’s being overlooked by certain selection committees.

The only bad part of the day came when we were leaving, we found out that Maryellen, who came later by herself, lost her car keys…so we had to drive back to Elmore, get our spare pair, and head BACK to BG to get the car. I had no voice at the time, so I couldn’t yell at her. 😉

All-in-all, just an awesome day…best day of football I think I’ve EVER experienced. Check out all the photos at