This week has been SO busy. Work has been just non-stop, which is pretty great! Days fly by. Unfortunately, there has been more than one day this week when I haven’t gotten a “proper” lunch. But that’s life.

Saw the elder Dr. Narra last night. He was quite pleased with my BP!! Apparently the Lotrel and my weight loss and exercise regimen has started working! I was 120/80. How good is that? It’s still a tweak high, actually, but way better than it was! I’ve lost another 3 pounds too. Only about 10 more to go before I’m at the top of my target range!

I’m watching Raiders of the Lost Ark on DVD right now. It looks BEAUTIFUL!! And the sound in 5.1 sounds pretty amazing too!

I’m getting more and more excited about the BG game this weekend. Unfortunately, the weathercasters are saying the weather is going to be sub-par. So I take solace in the fact that they’re rarely right.

Don’t forget to tune into ESPN College Gameday on Saturday at 10:30. I’ll be the guy with the orange flag that says on it. I’m SURE you’ll see it. Then tune in to ESPN2 at 4 for the game. It’s going to be a CRAZY weekend in BG!!