I don’t really like baseball much. I have been watching the playoff’s for the past 2 days though. I find it boring unless the game is close at the end. I do think it’s pretty cool that the Cubs look like they’re going to win tonight. I love the city of Chicago and think they deserve it. Their teams are so infrequently good. The Bulls owned the 90’s but nothing since, the Bears were the same way with the 80’s pretty much, but now, they’re just bad. The Cubs haven’t been to a world series in like 45 years or something? Geez…it’s almost like BGSU Basketball and the NCAA tournament.

This whole legality of the Pledge of Allegiance thing is really getting on my nerves too. Why are we SO sensitive about offending people? If you don’t want to say the pledge, don’t say it. If you don’t want your kid to have to say it at school, ok…they don’t have to say it. Are we raising mindless robots who MUST say the pledge or they’ll be unplugged? It just seems simple and obvious to me. Maybe I’m missing the point…no…I’m not. I’m SURE it won’t be long until we start hearing complaints about the National Anthem at sporting events.

Less than 4 days until basketball practice starts!