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Wow…well, I didn’t get to update things yesterday like I had planned, but that was because I was having such an incredible day!! I got to BG at about 8:30 and set up the truck for tailgating. After that, Goodson and I made our way over to the ESPN College Football Gameday set. Checked things […]

On my way…

Heading out to tailgate and see the GameDay crew! I’m going to take my PDA and look for wireless spots on campus to update things as the day goes on. At least that’s the plan. Last night it was so cool to tune into ESPN Radio’s On Campus and hear the guy with the deep […]

Is it Saturday YET?!?!?!

This week has been SO busy. Work has been just non-stop, which is pretty great! Days fly by. Unfortunately, there has been more than one day this week when I haven’t gotten a “proper” lunch. But that’s life. Saw the elder Dr. Narra last night. He was quite pleased with my BP!! Apparently the Lotrel […]

Why I am who I am….now available on DVD!!!

Thanks to Eddo for the heads up on this one!!

This is BIG TIME!!!!

WOW!!! ESPN College Gameday will be at BGSU this weekend. I’m so happy I can hardly think!!


Emails to you keep getting bounced back to me. Is there something going on with your mail server there? It tells me your address doesn’t exist. 🙁


I’m staying home sick from work today. I came home early yesterday, feeling kind of icky…chills, sweats, shakes…etc. When I got home yesterday though, I started feeling a bit better. I went to bed after Joe Schmo last night thinking everything was fine, but then I woke up at 11 and got sick. Then I […]

Shows how much I know about baseball…

Well, when I started that post, it was 3-0 Cubs. Now, about 10 minutes later, it’s 7-3 Marlins. It’s still boring; and what other sport allows you to wear jewelry while you play??

Baseball and the Pledge

I don’t really like baseball much. I have been watching the playoff’s for the past 2 days though. I find it boring unless the game is close at the end. I do think it’s pretty cool that the Cubs look like they’re going to win tonight. I love the city of Chicago and think they […]

Meals and Bay-Bees and more pictures

Well, at the prodding of someone, I’m updating this morning… Had a couple of great meals of late. Not so much the food, but the company has been great! Tuesday evening I met Laurie in Port Clinton. We had a great evening of conversation and food and wine. It’s always so nice to catch up, […]

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