If you haven’t seen this show yet (Reno 911), do yourself a favor and tune in. OMG…it almost makes me pee my pants each and every episode. It’s a spoof of COPS with strong influences from Kids in the Hall, Monty Python, and just about every other parody/satire show…it’s HILLARIOUS!

Maryellen is working tonight and tomorrow, I’m home bored. I don’t usually get bored. I’m looking for some good software to run a chat off of ay-ziggy-zoomba.com and still haven’t found anything I like.

I worked this AM from 8 to Noon. That’s a great way to start a Saturday. LOL…it was alright. I had to update our fax server software and then we also moved around a bunch of cabinets and furniture to create a kind of IS/IT work area, which has been soreley needed for quite a while. My office is pretty small, and if I need to spread out and work on more than one computer at a time, I’m SOL. Now though, there should be plenty of room!