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I want THIS!!! How cool would it be to own THAT?!?!? Damn… And made by the same maker that creates instruments for Norah Jones‘ dad! Well, my BP isn’t coming down with the Altace. Saw Dr. Narra tonight and it was 160/110. About the same as it was 4 months ago when we started treatment. Good news […]

Bandwidth Blues…

Well. I guess it’s the price of success… Here’s what I got instead of Bandwidth Limit Exceeded The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to the site owner reaching his/her bandwidth limit. Please try again later. Apache/1.3.28 Server at Port 80

Reno 911

If you haven’t seen this show yet (Reno 911), do yourself a favor and tune in. OMG…it almost makes me pee my pants each and every episode. It’s a spoof of COPS with strong influences from Kids in the Hall, Monty Python, and just about every other parody/satire show…it’s HILLARIOUS! Maryellen is working tonight and […]

Now THAT’S football!!

The OSU/BG game was a great time!! I really think BG should have won…3 plays away from it…. Oh well. Ohio State knows how to host a football game though. 104,000 fans! It was simply amazing. The OSU Marching Band simply IS the Best Damn Band in the Land! They are the bar all other […]

Bring on the Buckeyes!!

Well, the big weekend is almost upon us. BG plays OSU. We’re going down to Columbus tomorrow after work, spending the night and then heading to the game on Saturday! I truly thing Bowling Green is going to pull it off, and I truly believe it’s going to be a big win, like 2 touchdowns. […]

New Website

Well, we launched tonight. I’ve always been more of a basketball fan than a football fan, but this year BGSU has an amazing team. And the quarterback, Josh Harris, is one of the top in the nation!! This is our little attempt to raise some of the national exposure for Josh and the BG […]

Race for the Cure

Well, I did my first real 5K today!! Did the Race for the Cure today in downtown Toledo. It was pretty overwhelming…12,000 people. I’ve got some photos that I’ll post here once I get them scanned in. Lots of survivors there. Maryellen ran for her co-worker Jeanette….I was kind of running for my friend, Heidi, […]

Wordly Wise

Couple of new things for those wordly wise among us… A great website of common misuses of the English language (such as my all time pet peeve “I could care less”…) is at Another great little tool I’ve found recently is from, a long-time favorite site of mine. They now have a dictionary […]

Lots of fun!

We had a fun weekend. It was kind of our anniversary celebration. Our 9th anniversary will be on the 10th, so we used the weekend to have some fun! Did the annual visit to the Black Swamp Arts Festival. It was bigger and better than ever! Then we listened to the BG upset of Purdue!!! […]

Burning Man

Well, it’s probably not something I’ll ever get to do, but Moss just got back from Burning Man and has some photos posted on his site. Check ’em out!

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