Well, guess what? I’m going to be teaching Sunday School. Yup…me. G. I KNOW! It’s ridiculous, isn’t it? I’ll be teaching Sr. High students. It should be fun. Maryellen will be helping when she’s able, but she usually works either Saturday night or Sunday night…which would make her unavailable. Others will fill in in her absence, or I’ll fly solo I guess. Time will tell.

I got my bike Monday. Put it together, bought a tire pump and a helmet and rode for the first time around the block yesterday. I was planning on riding tonight, but got home late b/c my truck doesn’t want to run real well when you give it gas. I stopped and bought a fuel filter…but didn’t put it in either. Tomorrow night I’ll ride, fix the truck, and demolish some of a bathroom.

I’m getting really tired of Microsoft and their “vulnerabilities.” It’s a pain.

Going to bed now.