Wow…this week exhausted me. From the MSBlaster.exe worm that hit us on Wednesday to the power outage on Thursday to the fact that I still don’t have email (at least not on

Also, I’m having trouble with the bike I bought on eBay. Actually, no trouble with the bike yet, because I don’t HAVE the bike yet. The guy charged me $80 for next-day shipping on my bike, well, he just gave me the tracking number this AM (he said it took a week for my check to clear…whatever), I checked Airborne’s website with the tracking # and it said it was shipped “ground.” Sooooo…using the info from my tracking # (zip codes, weight, # of pieces, etc…) I used the Airborne Rate Calculator to find out what it cost him to ship it to me ground. Gee…here’s a BIG surprise…it cost him $14.09!! I’ve been screwed out of $65!! Might be time to get Carlson and take a road trip to Sturgeon Bay, WI to “right” the situation. 😉

I haven’t slept well this week either. In fact, I’ve woken up at 4AM just about every morning. Most days I’ve gotten back to sleep, but Wed night and Thurs night I just couldn’t fall back to sleep.

It’s hot today. I don’t like hot. I think I’ll go to the mall or something. I haven’t been to the mall in ages. Or maybe a Best Buy/Thackeray’s/Barnes&Noble trip would be good.