So, have you watched “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy” yet? It’s on Bravo on Tuesday nights (at least that’s when the new episodes are on). It is about the most entertaining show I’ve seen in years. I just really enjoy it! I’ve had quite a bit of “gay” exposure over the years, from friends, to co-workers to Bretz…I think this show does a great job of not only entertaining, but also showing people that not every gay man talks with a lisp. LOL The guys, the Fab 5, are a pretty diverse group and just crack me up! Anyhow…I’d recommend it for all but the most hard-core homophobe.

Speaking of queer eyes…my right eye is puffed up and sore today. The inside corner by my nose is pink, puffy, and ouchie! It feels funny and looks bad too. Ick.

I shaved off my moustache this morning, but left the goatee portion on my chin. A bit of a different look. I may just shave it all off tomorrow though. I don’t like the way it feels.