Had a pretty good weekend. It was the Bivins famly reunion. My grandma Rife was a Bivens. All of her siblings are still alive (except for a sister that died when they were children). Grandma is the oldest at 86 and the youngest, Aunt Bobbie, is 75. Pretty amazing bunch of sibs! It wasn’t a bad time. It did seem like “Dualing Banjos” should have been playing through most of the reunion though.

Yesterday then, Maryellen and I went to Wauseon. On the way there, on the turnpike, I was cruising along at like 80 and these three vehicles came up FAST in my mirror, so I got over and there was a Range Rover, a Lexus, and an Impala SS that went past me at well over 100MPH. These were all pretty pimped out rides with 20 – 21″ chrome rims, blacked out windows, etc…and they were FLYING. I got back into the left lane once they were passed and we mumbled about how we never see people like that get caught. Well…right on cue, I see the grill of an Ohio State Trooper in my rear-view mirror. I got out of his way and he was ON IT!! He was dodging in and out of traffic w/o his lights to catch these guys. It was pretty sweet to watch him maneuver through heavy traffic. By the time we caught back up to them, all 3 were pulled over and I saw another statey coming over the ridge for backup. Kinda nice to see justice served up on people who were blatantly putting others at risk.