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Interesting stats

I was looking at’s usage statistics tonight and, as always, found some interesting things. First of all, one of the crawlers to hit my site was from, apparently a repository of the web and blogs that can be cross-referenced to screen for plagarism. I had a typewriter in college. I also got a […]

Queer Eye

So, have you watched “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy” yet? It’s on Bravo on Tuesday nights (at least that’s when the new episodes are on). It is about the most entertaining show I’ve seen in years. I just really enjoy it! I’ve had quite a bit of “gay” exposure over the years, from friends, […]

I love this shirt!!!

I bought a shirt at Kohl’s on Friday evening and I just love it!! It’s orange and rayon. This is it through the vanity mirror of my truck.

All you need is Money — Er….Love

Kobe, Kobe, Kobe… The boy is an idiot…but he’ll get off scot-free I’m sure. Quote from the event: Kobe: “Sweetheart, I’m sorry I raped that girl. Here’s a 4 million dollar ring. I love you.” Kobe’s 19 year old wife: “Oh baby, you’re the greatest.” Kobe: “Thanks baby. I’ve got to go though. I’m […]

Some good news!!

Well, Glasstech made me an offer and I accepted today. 🙂 Yay! I’m an official full-time permanent employee now. I’m making more $ than I ever have and the benefits are pretty good too! Tomorrow I have to go to MCO and get a physical/drug test/blood test, then I’ll officially start on Monday. As good […]

33 and OLD

Well, I’m on blood pressure medicine now. I’ve been consistently running 160/110. Not good for G’s long-term health. SO I’m now on something called Altace. Yeah, I know…if you go to the website, it’s geared to a “mature” audience. Oh well. I’m just prematurely old I guess. Glasstech is going to make me an offer […]

LeBron in BG?

According to this article, the Cleveland Cavs will be bringing their training camp to NW Ohio. Either UT or BG…I think BG would be the better choice if they really want to get away from the hype…hope it works out. It would be cool to see LeBron’s hummer parked at DiBenedetto’s or Downtown somewhere. 🙂

Long arm…

Had a pretty good weekend. It was the Bivins famly reunion. My grandma Rife was a Bivens. All of her siblings are still alive (except for a sister that died when they were children). Grandma is the oldest at 86 and the youngest, Aunt Bobbie, is 75. Pretty amazing bunch of sibs! It wasn’t a […]

More on Google News

Here’s an article on the guy that came up with the idea for Google News…Yes…I’m fascinated.

Pimpin’ Google News

I’ve been pimping this site,, since it’s inception almost a year ago now. I love it…it’s my homepage and it’s the best place to get a HUGE variety of news from every viewpoint. Plus they’ve got a huge database of sources to search for recent news articles. And added just recently….Google News India!! If […]

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