Well, I guess an update is in order. The colonoscopy went ok. They found a few minor things, nothing that I need to be concerned about though. The whole procedure was quite interesting, to say the least. Versed and Demerol are interesting drugs! Versed is an amnesic and while you’re awake and pretty much with it for the procedure, you remember almost nothing about it afterwards. Very strange. Demerol is just a kick-ass pain med. They kept giving me more and more though! When the procedure started my doctor came and they wheeled me into the scope room and the doctor was drinking the most amazing smelling cappucino. I objected!! “How can you do that to me?!?! I haven’t been able to eat or drink anything good in over 24 hours and you come in here with THAT?!?!?” He laughed and apologized. When I came to in recovery, he brought me a big cup of that cappucino! Gotta love that!! If anyone in NW Ohio is having to have a scope done, I’d highly recommend Dr. Shah. He was great!

I ran tonight and just felt great! Was out for 27 minutes and it was pouring down rain for about 24 of them. I mean POURING. I felt like a Nike or Reebok commercial! Gotta admit, I’m kind of proud of myself for going out and running in the rain. It would have been an easy excuse not to, but it ended up being the best run I’ve had yet!

Going to the Parade of Homes tomorrow, Maryellen works Saturday and then we go up to see Peter Gabriel on Sunday! WOO HOO!!