Finished off the fence completely today! Cut all the posts down to the same height and put cute little French fineals on them, it looks so damn cute!! I’ll have to take some photos and post them. Quite proud of the fence are we.

Tomorrow I work half a day and then come home and drink stuff that cleans out my colon. OH BOY!! Then Tuesday AM I have my colonoscopy at St. Charles. Maryellen actually thinks she’s going to be able to “assist” or at least get back there while the procedure is going on to watch things on the screen. I guess for a nurse that might be interesting. Personally, I have no desire to see the inside of my spouse’s colon. LOL

I started week 2 of my running yesterday. Things are going pretty well. Suffering from some shin-splints, but I think once I drop a few more pounds that should clear up. We went to Dave’s Running Shop yesterday and got me some real live running shoes!! Turns out I’ve got extremely wide feet. The shoes I got are 4E width, but are only size 10. I’ve been wearing 11s, but mostly because the smaller ones felt tight around the sides, not because I needed the length. Interesting…probably just needed wider shoes rather than bigger ones to begin with.

We go see Peter Garbiel a week from tonight!

Oh yeah, and Nora continues to rule!