Been a while since I’ve blogged now han’it? Well, let’s see. The weekend prior was fun. We ended up NOT going to CP though. The rest of the weekend was just too busy and we woke up Sunday just not feeling like going. No matter…the summer is long and we’ll get there eventually.

I’ve been playing with a tablet PC at work. I’ve got to say, I don’t really see what all the hype is about. I’m still much faster on my laptop with a keyboard than I am with a “pen” for entry. I can type much faster than I can write….keyboard shortcuts are MUCH faster than tapping here and there… I just don’t get the advantage of pen entry. It IS nice and lightweight…but so are lots of laptops. Maybe I’m just dense.

Finished up the gates on the fence tonight. Replaced my “cleat” that is where the gate termintated against the garage wall. I had used a 2X4 and it just didn’t look right, so I removed that and put up a treated 4X4 to match the rest of the fence posts. Put the latch hardware on and it’s all set.

OH…Guess what?!?!? I’m running! Following in the footsteps of my dad, I’ve begun jogging again. I say again, because I ran Cross Country in Jr. High. My dad ran religiously for years, logging thousands of miles. He even ran a full-length marathon. I’ve always had trouble finding motivation to keep up an exercise routine…but Maryellen said something the other day that might just have been the trick. She’s been running for about a month now and recommended I try it. She said “Think how impressed your dad would be!” That was all it took. The program I’m doing is at and so far, it’s actually kind of fun!

If you worked at CISP and especially in the fish bowl, this may interest you.