This week has been LONG already. Last week was the same way. Not sure why exactly, it just seems like it should be Friday already.

Got a pretty big weekend ahead. Friday night we’re going to Spaghetti Warehouse for the going-away party of a co-worker of Maryellen’s. Saturday, we’re going to Tandoor to meet the Slotterbecks and then going over to their new house. Should be fun. Sunday we’re planning on Cedar Point!

We’ve gone on Father’s Day the past couple of years. The crowds are small…and the people watching is fantastic! It’s unofficially “Gay Day” at the Point on Father’s day…I don’t know if that keeps some ignorant people away or what, but I think it’s the best day to go! The Top Thrill Dragster coaster has been down the past couple of days, I sure hope it’s running on Sunday. 0 to 120 MPH in 4 seconds and over 400FT high…Mmmmmmmmmmmm…. I can’t WAIT!!