It’s been a crazy weekend/Monday. The weekend was really busy. Maryellen worked on Friday night. So that kind of compressed the weekend. Saturday I was at the church until about 9:30 working with Pastor Chow on a PowerPoint presentation for the graduating seniors of the church. It was really cool, about 170 slides with about 200 images. Mark played and sang an original song for them while the PPT presentation was going on too. Very cool! Sunday at church then, the Seniors were all honored and they all just LOVED the PPT. Each one wants a copy of it. Pretty impressive class of kids.

Today at work was just plain hectic. We had a UPS take a dive knocking out 2 servers this AM. Plus it looks like our Dell tape auto-loader is fried so we’re looking at buying a replacement unit. It’ll be nice because the new unit is 8 slots whereas the current one is only 7. I couldn’t do a full backup of all our servers on 6 40GIG tapes (the seventh slot is the cleaning tape), but I should be able to on 7. Damn CAD drawings take up a lot of space.

The new Jewel CD is pretty good.

I bought Close Encounters of the Third Kind on DVD but haven’t watched it yet.