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Good weekend!!

Well, it’s Monday morning again and it hardly feels like it should be Saturday. The weekend FLEW by, but that’s probably because we did fun stuff and were moving around all weekend. Friday evening we met Ravi at his house and then went to the Parade of Homes in Perrysburg. We do this at least […]


Well, I guess an update is in order. The colonoscopy went ok. They found a few minor things, nothing that I need to be concerned about though. The whole procedure was quite interesting, to say the least. Versed and Demerol are interesting drugs! Versed is an amnesic and while you’re awake and pretty much with […]

I think I’ll have a colonoscopy today.

Well, I have my colonoscopy in a few hours…Have to be there at 10:30 and they do the procedure at 11:30. I’m nervous. I don’t like needles and I have to have an IV, and I get spooked about the little things that could go wrong. Not so much worried about what the scope could […]

Sunday night

Finished off the fence completely today! Cut all the posts down to the same height and put cute little French fineals on them, it looks so damn cute!! I’ll have to take some photos and post them. Quite proud of the fence are we. Tomorrow I work half a day and then come home and […]


Been a while since I’ve blogged now han’it? Well, let’s see. The weekend prior was fun. We ended up NOT going to CP though. The rest of the weekend was just too busy and we woke up Sunday just not feeling like going. No matter…the summer is long and we’ll get there eventually. I’ve been […]

Hump day…

This week has been LONG already. Last week was the same way. Not sure why exactly, it just seems like it should be Friday already. Got a pretty big weekend ahead. Friday night we’re going to Spaghetti Warehouse for the going-away party of a co-worker of Maryellen’s. Saturday, we’re going to Tandoor to meet the […]


Damn!! I’d love to try a snoot-full of that stuff. Every Sam Adams employee gets a free bottle. Not a bad deal! I’ve had some of the DogFish Head stuff they mention at the bottom of the article. Very very good stuff, but it hits you pretty fast and pretty hard!

I’ve gotta get me one of these…

Maybe I’ll see if my boss will get me one for my office? Total Immersion


It’s been a crazy weekend/Monday. The weekend was really busy. Maryellen worked on Friday night. So that kind of compressed the weekend. Saturday I was at the church until about 9:30 working with Pastor Chow on a PowerPoint presentation for the graduating seniors of the church. It was really cool, about 170 slides with about […]

This is funny!

I was going to put this on my site, but Ed beat me to it. Thanks to Karl for sharing this great photo of our friend Pat!

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