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This is so cool!

Well, the ultimate 80’s babe, Heidi Selexa, has offered to let me program an hour of music on XM Channel 8!! How freaking sweet is that?!?!? I’m seriously excited, but it’s hard to pick out just an hour of my favorite music from my favorite era. I’ll post the list here when it’s done and […]


Well, I have my CT scan tomorrow at 4 at St. Charles. From 10 AM on, I can only have clear liquids and then at 2 I get to drink the half-quart of barium contrast stuff. I told my mom what’s going on tonight. She took things very well. I expected her to be a […]


Well, Ravi was concerned. Not usually a great thing when your doctor is concerned, but it’s better than having him send me to the ER or something. He ordered a CT scan of my abdomen w/contrast. Mmmmmmmmmm…contrast. THEN we get to do the colonoscopy. Joy joy joy. Right now I’m fasting. I have to fast […]

Doobie do down down

I’m just down. I try to stay up and happy, but lately I’m just down in the dumps. Tomorrow I see the doctor. I see Ravi. It’ll be the first time I’ve ever seen my best friend since 4th grade as my physician. I’ve got some pain that’s really scaring me, I’ve had it for […]


Ugh…rough day. This morning it was announced in church that we’re losing BOTH our pastors. Pastor Cindee, I knew about, and while I really like her, it won’t impact me too much personally. The announcement of Pastor Chow leaving though…came as a total surprise and hit me hard. Mark is one of my favorite people […]

Mini Me

So, I’ve found a mini-me. LOL…actually she’s a mini-she. I’m working on some music with Nora and as I get to know her, she’s very much like I was at 16, only with one more X chromasome than me. 🙂 We’re going to play a Schumann duet, “Voice of Love” for flute and horn and […]

Another reason to love XM

May is officially “Mullet Month” on XM Radio station 41. From the XM Radio site: Mullet Month Bone Yard – XM 41 All Month In celebration of the classic hairstyle and Hair Bands, Da Boneyard has renamed May “Mullet Month.” Listen all month long for Hair Band specials like Mullet Monday, and The Top 41 […]

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