Well, I had a good and productive weekend! Our fence is up!! WOO HOO!!! All that remains to be done is to make our gates and get them hung. Otherwise, our back yard is all fenced in. We did it for less than $1000 which is pretty awesome, considering that we got an estimate of $3000 to have it done! I think it looks as good as it would had it been professionally done!

Last night we went up to Ann Arbor for a Ravi birthday dinner. It was awesome too. Mongolian BBQ…very very yummy! Sue went along too. Nice evening. Downtown Ann Arbor is very cute. Lots of restaurants with outdoor dining areas, quite a few little art galleries, used book stores, indie music stores…my type of place. It must have been prom night in AA to. Lots of kids in limo’s wearing tuxedos and formal dresses. Ahhhhh youth.