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“new” browser

I just downloaded and am using Mozilla Firebird. It’s fast, stable so far, and has some really sweet features. Try it out yourself! I like it better than IE already.

I’m a badass radio programmer!!

We’re right in the middle of Grant’s 80’s hour on XM radio. This is so cool!! Nothing like an hour of music where you know every word to every song!! Plus I got to talk to Heidi Selexa this evening. She’s very sweet and has fun with her job. What an awesome job she has […]

Grant’s 80’s Hour!!

Heidi Selexa is going to play my music tomorrow night (Tuesday) at 7 PM. If you have XM, tune in to 80’s on 8 and check it out!!!

My songs

Well, I finally sent my song list off to Heidi Selexa for the Grant hour on XM 80s on 8. Here’s my list: Heat of the Moment — Asia Do you Believe in Love — Huey Lewis and the News 99 Luftbaloons — Nena Cry — Godly and Cream One More Minute — “Weird Al” […]


Do you want to help someone buy a helicopter? No…I didn’t either. Just in case though, here’s the link.

Tonight’s dinner

I had a root beer float.

Good weekend!

Well, I had a good and productive weekend! Our fence is up!! WOO HOO!!! All that remains to be done is to make our gates and get them hung. Otherwise, our back yard is all fenced in. We did it for less than $1000 which is pretty awesome, considering that we got an estimate of […]


I’ve been waiting for this since the first time I ever saw a DVD. Seriously!!! Here’s the good news!

Awesome thread on my other site

There’s been a discussion on my other website ( regarding college, careers, life, etc. Ay-Zig is mostly a BGSU sports forum, but this thread has really been interesting and is not sports related. It’s worth a read if you’ve ever wondered if you’re in the right line of work (who hasn’t??) or if you’ve ever […]

Not much going on in there I guess

Well, the CT scan came back with nothing abnormal except for a light enlargement of my pancreas. Ravi said that would have nothing to do with my pain though. Next up…the butt-scope!! They should call me tomorrow to schedule the fun-fest. Work was actually kind of bad today for the first time since I’ve been […]

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